E/M Audit Pocket Tool - ENR  has developed an easy to use evaluation and management (E/M) audit pocket tool to help physicians, coders, auditors and other professionals determine the appropriate level of service and ensure accurate reimbursement for health care services performed and documented.
Referencing both the 1995 and 1997 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services documentation guidelines, the E/M audit tool makes it easier to determine the correct level of history, exam and medical decision making required for most E/M encounters. ENR has included the most recent, updated changes per guidelines as well as referencing Medical Necessity for the most accurate level of service(s). (also available are 97 specialty exams!)


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One of the major areas that has received much scrutiny from external auditors and payers is the medical coding and documentation of physician based services.  Is your practice ready for an external audit?

Chart Audits
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The ENR Coding & Audit Program is a unique service provided by Certified Auditors and Coders!

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​​Now more than ever...

It is critical for medical practices to ensure that their coding and documentation meet federal standards and that they are insulated as much as possible from payers seeking to reclaim thousands, of dollars. Periodic audits are essential for maintaining compliance!  

The word 'audit' always create some anxiety for physicians, however, ENR will help reduce your anxiety for a chart review by identifying any potential areas of concern that could put the physician or practice at risk! 

OIG (Office of Inspector General) recommends to start with a baseline audit to identify areas that need improvement, education and a basis for future audits.

ENR's experienced consultants will identify and educate on the following; 

  • Documentation improvement for detail and specificity

  • Medical necessity
  • Components of chief complaint, history, examination or medical decision making
  • 95/97 examination guidelines
  • Coding/billing problems with EHR systems
  • CPT, ICD 10 and HCPCS coding
  • CCI edits and LCDs
  • Modifiers missing or incorrectly appended
  • Interpretation of grey areas per guidelines
  • New vs Established patients
  • Signatures missing/ addendums per CMS guidelines+
  • Understanding 'incident to' and 'split/shared' 

Actions that will need to be taken to ensure a complaint practice;

  • Education for providers and coders/billers
  • Regular auditing
  • Implement Compliance plan for practice

ENR Coding & Auditing Professionals will make sure every billed charged has documentation to support its existence!

​Spend the time and the money NOW to review your practice’s billing, coding, and compliance. This is by far the smarter, and less expensive, alternative to that non-routine audit which may be just around the corner.