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It is critical for medical practices to ensure that their coding and documentation meet federal standards and that they are insulated as much as possible from payers seeking to reclaim thousands, of dollars. Periodic audits are essential for maintaining compliance. Conducting internal audits allows you to assess the effectiveness of your compliance protocols, educational efforts, and corrective actions. 

EnR Coding & Auditing Professionals, LLC provides Baseline audits by performing​ a review in advance so your practice can identify improper billing and coding practices to make the necessary corrections prior to any government or third party payer audit. We review the provider's documentation to keep them on target to help save both time and money.

 With internal auditing you will have an effective compliance program, as Internal audits help you assess the effectiveness of your compliance protocols, training, and corrective actions. 

At EnR Coding & Auditing Professionals, LLC we have certified chart auditing specialists that will ...

  • review your records and look at the level of service billed

  • as well as, the diagnosis, and other procedure codes

  • you will be provided a detailed report as to what we found and

  • we will give any recommendation as to what may need to happen moving forward. 

Once the performance assessment is complete, the resulting improvement plan begins with a comprehensive report that pinpoints the performance gaps and a proposed approach and plan for improvement.

 EnR Coding & Auditing Professioanls offer concurrent and retrospective audit for a charge based payer population. These audits can be performed remotely from our office. We  prepare an off-site audit or chart review of  patient charts to ensure compliance with Medicare (CMS) guidelines and to establish proper billing and documentation procedure to protect you and your practice from a Medicare or other payer audits.

The OIG expects healthcare organizations to enact, at minimum standard and 
procedures to prevent erroneous or fraudulent conduct in the following areas:

     • Coding and billing

     • Documentation 

     • Reasonable and necessary services

     • Improper inducements, kickbacks, and self-referrals


Look for our customized APP for E/M documentation ....COMING SOON

Chart Audits

The ENR Coding & Audit Program is a unique service provided by Certified Auditors and Coders!

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EnR Coding & Auditing Professionals are MACRA/ MIPS Proficient - Under the MACRA framework, healthcare providers who provide better quality of care will be rewarded. Collected data that is gathered under these requirements will impact provider reimbursement by 2019 and providers need to understand the impact, as well as how to better quantify and qualify patient data.


One of the major areas that has received much scrutiny from external auditors and payers is the medical coding and documentation of physician based services.